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Counseling and Behavioral Health

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, there is help. Depression, sudden life changes, loss, and difficult circumstances or imbalances in the brain can bring about suicidal thoughts. When we are overwhelmed by a difficult situation, we can lose hope. Without hope, we might mistakenly feel like suicide is the only solution. It isn’t. In the middle of crisis, it can be difficult to see a way out. Compassionate people are waiting to talk to you and ready to help. They understand suicidal feelings and thoughts and know there is hope for you. There is a way through this difficult season. We want to show you the path toward hope, healing, and life.

Crisis Services
Mental health professionals are available to provide community-based crisis intervention services 24-hours per day to Chelan and Douglas County residents who are experiencing a mental or emotional crisis.

Mobile Crisis Intervention (MCI)

The Mobile Crisis Intervention Team provides immediate crisis intervention services in the community, or on a walk-in basis, at the Catholic Charities Worthen Street office.

MCI staff are trained mental health professionals and case managers who provide basic supportive therapy, peer counseling, and case management. MCI professionals help link individuals with
necessary outpatient mental health services to address mental health crises.

Designated Crisis Responders (DCR)

DCRs provide crisis intervention services and/or conduct intensive mental health evaluations to determine the need for more intensive mental health treatment. The DCRs work with hospital personnel, police, jail and community service providers to stabilize acute mental health conditions.


Diversion outreach professionals provide direct hospital diversion, jail diversion, and acute crisis services. They have primary responsibility for face-to-face mental health diversion screenings, interventions, and assessments in addition to specific law enforcement first responder duties.

Jail Services

Our team provides support to incarcerated individuals in Grant and Chelan counties who have concerns regarding their mental health. We provide behavioral health counseling, referrals to substance use disorder programs and support while individuals are incarcerated.

We assist with accessing community resources to aid in the transition back into the community. We can assist with release planning by coordinating behavioral health and substance use disorder services prior to release. Connecting individuals with housing and employment programs. These services are provided to support incarcerated individuals to encourage wellness, recovery and community stabilization.

Contact the jail services team at:

Office 509.662.6761

If you are suicidal or in crisis, please call:
  • Chelan/Douglas Counties 800.852.2923
  • Yakima County 509.575.4200
  • Kittitas County 509.925.9861
  • Klickitat County 800.572.8122
  • Grant County 509.765.1717
  • Benton/Franklin Counties 800.783.0544
  • National Suicide Prevention 24/7 Lifeline 800.273.8255
Catholic Charities Crisis care in Chelan/Douglas Counties includes:
  • 24/7 crisis service
  • A Mobile Crisis Outreach Team
  • Monday-Friday walk-in support
  • Intensive Mental Health Services
  • Stabilization of acute mental health conditions

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